June 25, 2016

Run Music Video Filming

I filmed Run which was planned and cancelled 3 times. I sourced amazing talent, Lara Johnson and my mate-bro Will Armson. I had my trusty FS7 which was super heavy for a shoot that involved a load of running, I kind of wished I shot more of it on the A7s but the codec is a bit naff for the serious grading, and LUTS. So I made a shot list that was written terribly just like this blog post. But I don’t claim to be a writer. I only had one VFX shot which was the fly over of the trees at the beginning which was created, coloured and graded to fit in with the fs7 footage I shot on the 25th June. Obviously I shot in EMAGIC LOG – loosely based on SLOG 3 and judged it on set. I then pulled down exposure, added s-curve contrast, Jiggled colour wheels and curves to add more green and remove yellows I then applied a LUT.




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