May 31, 2016

Hypnotised Music Video Production Shoot – 28/05/2016

Hypnotised is a track that will be released on my album Hypnotised in June sometime. This shoot was booked at the beginning of May 2016 for production to start on the 28th May. Luckily it did happen and we have an amazing video to show for it. Pre Shoot, I booked Pat Carney, Beth Sykes, Zaq Andel (CircusMASH) and myself for 3 hours, yes 3 hours. Normally I would like to book around 5-7 hours for a shoot that requires lighting setups and so much preparation, The reasons for this was that we all had other things to do after 5pm, Knowing this in advance allowed me to create a shot list a week before the shoot which included every single shot I needed for the edit to work out.

I was faced with a few challenges on this music video; firstly was time, which I have already mentioned. Another challenge was ambient lighting, but thanks to Zaq idea of putting tin foil over the windows to block all the daylight coming through whilst I was setting up the lights, this worked out and was sorted too. Setting up the lights was a little challenge too. I only had redheads that light leaks everywhere, so I bounced the light in the corner of one of the free standing mirrors in order to get less and more direct light, resulting in long hard but weak shadows. I then used a diffused secondary fill for filling in shadows on Beth & Pat’s faces. The fill was set very dimly and pointing down to make it look like it was light from under a door, this meant that I could keep the scene low key. Wide shots were also a problem as there was a lot of stuff around in the background and there wasn’t too much time to relight just for wide shots, this also meant that the steadicam was pointless and would slow me down if I could only shoot close.Having these issues; Low Light, High Shutter and Wide Aperture made the steadicam a complete no – no and that’s why it’s all handheld, but it’s also the reason I scrapped all the 360 around the table shots.

How long did it take then in the end, well… We worked solid through with not many takes at all. Both me and Zaq where on the shot list to make sure we hit everything that was required. We filmed everything I needed to make an edit by 4:45, and once the footage was dumped to the laptop (128GB’s Worth) I re-shot a shot that I felt I rushed earlier in production. Me and Zaq packed down and we were gone just after 5:00. So shooting time was around 2 hours & 30 minutes if that, dumping footage and explaining probably took the other 30 minutes. So it was a success and everyone who needed to leave before 5:00 did. I don’t need to brag about anyone as the video speaks for itself, they all where brilliant.

It sounds like I am moaning about time a lot and it’s not because the video has a watch in it, but it’s because this and planning is one of the key parts of making a film/music video. Making sure everyone can be there, organising tables (Zaq), getting props, lighting setup and getting it done the way you want within a set time is hard.



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