April 23, 2015

FL Studio 12 First Impressions

Fl studio 12 was released to the public yesterday. I downloaded the updated yestertday, but only had chance to play with it today. It looks messy compared to previous versions at first but it’s quite nice. So far my only critisism is the fact that the interface looks like it merges together too much. Considering that’s the point of version 12 it doesn’t seem that clever. The re sizeable windows are cool and the mixer is awesome but no borders and all the windows being the same grey kind if confuses me somtimes. Looking forward to using it some more. Oh another small issue is the brush that shouldn’t exist it just seems like it’s for people that are just playing at music and are just looking for the best melody without actually thinking at all. The brush without the little plus sign. It was an auto feature in 11, but I’ve never liked it, it’s just annoying.



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