January 24, 2016

Bandit Music Video In Production

This was an extremely interesting shoot. I originally booked in two guys to play the roles of the police officer and the bandit. The guy who was going to play the police officer let me know the day before that he wouldn’t be able to make it. Then an hour before the other guy cancelled. So Obviously I had a police officer lined up as I had a little notice. But when I said to Courtney Wallis Richardson the shoot is maybe going to be cancelled she introduced me to her partner Gina George. We went ahead and it has turned out great just looking at the edit now. Its working so well and I have decided to keep in some of the focus’ glitches as well as end of shot rolling, as it helps with the trendy and bandit’y style. Also forgot to mention we got stopped by police and an undercover officer, this must obviously mean I picked the perfect location, if real police officers where floating around.




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