Back with more commercial style deep house. Tad deeper than the last one. With a few drops of oldschool house and a tropical vibes.

jack buck music 20-onesix album art
The Moment (Official Video)

The moment was filmed in Walsall town centre and is the first track to be played on BBC Radio from this album.

Hypnotised (Dance Mix) (Official Remixed Video)

Originally filmed for my album Hypnotised. Now I have re-edited and remade hypnotised as a dance track.

1The Moment3:05Buy: £0.79
2Need It2:53Buy: £0.79
3Hypnotised (Dance Mix)4:24Buy: £0.79
4You Lie2:54Buy: £0.79
5Stay Now3:08Buy: £0.79
6Work All Weekend3:05Buy: £0.79
7Eternity3:43Buy: £0.79
8High Love3:10Buy: £0.79
9Going Home3:22

Buy: £0.79

10Never Let Go3:12Buy: £0.79
11Kinda Tropical3:01Buy: £0.79
12Summer Time2:51Buy: £0.79
13My Arms3:11Buy: £0.79
14Man I Dreamt I Had3:24Buy: £0.79