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Welcome to my website, have a look around see if you find out anything new. Thanks for taking the time to have a look.

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FINAL IDEA_2_64Bit_web
M1-90 (Album)

M1-90 is an album containing some real underground deep house basslines. Air time on BBC Radio.

Are You Gonna Love Me (Single)

Produced in 2013 a great track accompanied with some really nice strings and simplistic piano.

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My latest remix projects.

mirrors remix

I loved this track from the Hunger games catching fire soundtrack i just had to have a play with it. Original by Ellie Goulding

still alive
Still Alive

My girlfriend loves this game she shown me the main theme and said that there was an album dedicated to remixes. So I made one. Original by Lisa Miskovsky.

My Love Case
My Love

I have loved this track for ages but didnt ever get chance to do a remix, or i kept forgetting too. This is a remix that I have produced. Original by Sia.

Birdy Shelter Dubstep Mix By Jack Buck

This track is amazing, beautifully arranged. I wished I could have done it more justice. Owsey does a great mix and he and Birdy inspired me to do this. Original by Birdy