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M1-90 (Album)

M1-90 Album containing some real underground deep house basslines. Air time on BBC Radio.

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Are You Gonna Love Me (Single)

Produced in 2013 a great track accompanied with some really nice strings and simplistic piano.

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Taylor Made (EP)

Produced from 2013 to 2015. Officially released and is avaliable for free download.

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Drops (Single) COMING SOON

Produced in 2015, this track is a remake of Are You Gonna Love Me but with a Deep House Vibe.

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Music Videos

Here are my official music videos


My latest remix projects.

mirrors remix

I loved this track from the Hunger games catching fire soundtrack i just had to have a play with it. Original by Ellie Goulding

still alive
Still Alive

Someone shown me the main theme and said that there was an album dedicated to remixes. So I made one. Original by Lisa Miskovsky.

My Love Case
My Love

I have loved this track for ages but didnt ever get chance to do a remix, or i kept forgetting too. This is a remix that I have produced. Original by Sia.

Birdy Shelter Dubstep Mix By Jack Buck

This track is amazing, beautifully arranged. I wished I could have done it more justice. Owsey does a great mix and he and Birdy inspired me to do this. Original by Birdy


Thanks to film i know about lindsey stirling. I love her music. So i had a go at my favorite track of hers.