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Who am I ?

I have been producing music since I was about 9. I produce any and every genre and never limit myself as it does help broaden your knowlegde on music as a whole, I only use genres to help people find my work, but I don't like the word and I am certainly not sticking to one type of music. This year my main focus is Deep House, as I love the idea of a melody being the bassline, its the perfect combo...

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Hypnotised Released on 15th June 2016

I completed my album Hypnotised, listened to it so many times now until I got it right. The track Hypnotised now has video that is complete and ready for the release day. I have still got to shoot ano…
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Hypnotised Announced

Working on the last few tracks to Hypnotised my album that should be out by July/August. I have booked in the music videos to be shot. Hypnotised will be shot on the 28th May and the other one which t…
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Spotify Advert

I realised that my viewing figures where going up and general interest has increased but when I looked at my records on Spotify. I was getting listeners but not many at all, so I produced this mini ad…
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M1-90 (Album) - Deep House

M1-90 Album containing some real underground deep house basslines. Air time on BBC Radio.

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Are You Gonna Love Me (Single) - Dubstep

Produced in 2013 a great track accompanied with some really nice strings and simplistic piano.

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Taylor Made (EP) - Classical

Produced from 2013 to 2015. Officially released and is avaliable for free download.

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Mass House (Album) - Deep House

Produced in late 2015 and January 2016, this album is bringing house to the masses.

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Hypnotised (Album) - Experimental/Dubstep

Produced in 2016, trying somthing different but putting into practice things I have learned. 

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Coming Soon (Single) Deep House

Produced in 2016, still in progress. Just waiting for the music video to be shot.

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Music Videos

Here are my official music videos

Are You Gonna Love Me

Dubstep / Chillstep


Deep House


Deep House




My latest remix projects.

mirrors remix
Mirrors (Dubstep)

I loved this track from the Hunger games catching fire soundtrack i just had to have a play with it. Original by Ellie Goulding

still alive
Still Alive (Drum 'n' Bass)

Someone shown me the main theme and said that there was an album dedicated to remixes. So I made one. Original by Lisa Miskovsky.

My Love Case
My Love (Dubstep)

I have loved this track for ages but didnt ever get chance to do a remix, or i kept forgetting too. This is a remix that I have produced. Original by Sia.

Birdy Shelter Dubstep Mix By Jack Buck
Shelter (Dubstep)

This track is amazing, beautifully arranged. I wished I could have done it more justice. Owsey does a great mix and he and Birdy inspired me to do this. Original by Birdy

Crystallize (Dubstep)

Thanks to film i know about lindsey stirling. I love her music. So i had a go at my favorite track of hers.

Outside (Dubstep)

Thanks you to the amazing Ellie Goulding & Calvin Harris for supplying these vocals to use in non commercial work.