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Are You Gonna Love Me (Single) - Dubstep 2013

Produced in 2013 a great track accompanied with some really nice strings and simplistic piano. Released by E-Magic Records

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M1-90 (Album) - Deep House 2015

M1-90 Album containing some real underground deep house basslines. Air time on BBC Radio. Released by E-Magic Records

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Mass House (Album) - Deep House 2016

Produced in late 2015 and January 2016, this album is bringing house to the masses. Released by E-Magic Records

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Hypnotised (Album) - Experimental/Dubstep 2016

Produced in 2016, trying somthing different but putting into practice things I have learned. Released by E-Magic Records

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Trust In Me (Single) - Deep House (2016)

Produced in June 2016, Released in December and it is my first release that is not by my label. Released by Open House Records

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Panda - (Single) - Deep House 2016

Produced in 2016, a track and video specifically designed to make every listener happy, and maybe laugh. 

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20-ONESIX - (Album) - Deep House 2016

Produced in 2016 obviously. Another Deep/Charty type house album, with a few surprises. The Moment featured on BBC Radio a few times

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Rhino - (Single) - EDM/House 2017

Produced in 2017, lovely middle bass with tropical vibes to get you in a summer party mood. Launched with a #SAVETHERHINO campaign

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Find Us (Single) - Deep House (2017)

Super catchy track loved and played by many DJ’s internationally. Released by Open House Records

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ILY - (Single) - Deep House 2017

Produced in 2017, part of my animal collection. This was launched with a #savetherhino campaign.

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GNGRBRD - (Single) - Deep House 2017

Produced in 2017, With a random but clever video. This was launched with a #GNGRBRD Christmas campaign.

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Cover It Up - (Single) - Deep House 2018

Produced in 2017, but having to move house and working a lot. Only got around to releasing in 2018. Dance Floor Pleaser, nothing else to say..

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Music Videos

Here are my official music videos

Are You Gonna Love Me

Dubstep / Chillstep


Deep House


Deep House






Deep House

Hypnotised (Dance Mix)

Dance / Anthemic House

The Moment

Deep House


Deep House


Deep House


Deep House

Cover It Up

Deep House

Music Projects

Ongoing Music Projects


Journey is a classical album that I will add to througout my life. Maybe some key moments and its there to see how I develop over time. Oh and its going to be free


Converstaions is also a Piano project where by I record a converstaion and use that as a backplate for a hopefully nicely composed piano composition.

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Making of Rhino

When planning rhino a year ago I thought it would be good to also introduce a conservation message, as it wouldn’t hurt the video, if anything it makes it better. Anyway, in …
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Rhino Released

This track has been planned for about 8 months and I have finally released it with a music video to make more people aware that Rhino’s are suffering. This follows on from Pa…
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Jack Buck’s 2017 Branding Shoot

So if you have not gathered yet, I shoot my own pictures and video. I always try to shoot a new profile/portrait of me every time I release something that requires a brand alterati…
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jack buck music 20-onesix album art

Another Album Launch – WHEN!!

20ONESIX will be released on the 22nd October  and will feature pop-y style deep house tracks with Kate Wild featured on one of the tracks, with her amazing voice. I’m in th…
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I rarely do remixes but if I do you will find all my new and old remix projects here.

Mirrors (Dubstep)

I loved this track from the Hunger games catching fire soundtrack i just had to have a play with it. Original by Ellie Goulding

Still Alive (Drum 'n' Bass)

Someone shown me the main theme and said that there was an album dedicated to remixes. So I made one. Original by Lisa Miskovsky.

My Love (Dubstep)

I have loved this track for ages but didnt ever get chance to do a remix, or i kept forgetting too. This is a remix that I have produced. Original by Sia.

Birdy Shelter Dubstep Mix By Jack Buck
Shelter (Dubstep)

This track is amazing, beautifully arranged. I wished I could have done it more justice. Owsey does a great mix and he and Birdy inspired me to do this. Original by Birdy

Crystallize (Dubstep)

Thanks to film i know about lindsey stirling. I love her music. So i had a go at my favorite track of hers.

Outside (Dubstep)

Thanks you to the amazing Ellie Goulding & Calvin Harris for supplying these vocals to use in non commercial work.

Summer On You (Tropical House)

I produced everything apart from the vocals, This was enetered into a spinnin records contest.

All Of Me (Trap/Chillout)

This is my first attempt at a Trap production that I have put out to the public.

Boys Like (Deep House)

Love this track, well Zara Larson’s bits anyway, so made a simple club version with just drums and two sounds.