Jack Buck is a music producer more commonly known for his Electronic and Dance music. However his real aim is to get people listening to his Classical and Soundtrack music, this is why you will here rich beautiful strings and bold brass sections in a lot of his music. Jack works closely with E-Magic Orchestra & E-Magic Studios to get some of the sounds he wants. Jack is also a respected camera operator, film producer, 3D professional, designer and Web designer. For more information regarding these services visit E-Magic Studios (emagicstudios.co.uk).

“Music is the first computer/media producing I touched. So this is what made me start everything media”.

Any way that’s enough, take a listen to some of my music if you like say so, if you think wow mate what are you doing? Say so. If you really do like it you can buy them from many online stores including ITunes, Spotify, Tesco and Amazon. Maybe soon you will be able to order case versions either from Amazon or straight from this site.

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